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Please note that if you are from outside UK you are welcome to submit comments and suggestions on our national proposals. However, if you wish to comment on an International or European Proposal, this should be done via your national standards body. If you do submit comments via our system we will arrange for them to be forwarded to your national  standards body. For a list of national standards bodies go to ISO members list and IEC members list.

Suggest an Idea for a New Standard

If you know of an area or aspect of your industry that would benefit from standardization and have an idea for a new standard, you can submit a proposal to us through our New Proposals system.

Visit our About New Proposals web page for more information regarding submitting ideas for new standards.

For information regarding standards and the different types of standard published by BSI, visit www.bsigroup.com.

Current Proposals

Intelligent transport systems -- Location referencing for geographic databases -- Part 4: Part 4: Lane-level location referencing

Categories: Engineering, Road vehicles engineering, Systems, Car informatics & on board computer systems
Identifier: ISO/TC 204 3844, Intelligent transport systems - Location referencing for geographic databases -
Comment deadline: 28/02/2017
Origin: ISO
Committee: EPL/278

Road vehicles -- Fuse-links -- Part 13: Type P (sub miniature three tabs)

Categories: Services, Transport, Road , Fuses & overcurrent protection devices
Identifier: ISO/TC 22 N 3646
Comment deadline: 28/02/2017
Origin: ISO
Committee: AUE/17
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