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About New Proposals

New Proposals is a system for public review of proposed standards. It is designed to allow the user to learn about new proposals for standards and provide valuable feedback to BSI. The aim is to enable us to publish standards that cater exactly to industry needs and promote best practice where needed.

Browsing our current proposals enables users to be aware of standards being proposed in their subject area. This is made simple through our proposals by subject navigation bar on the left-hand side of the home page. Only those subject areas with current proposals appear in this bar, so it is possible to see at a glance those which are directly relevant. Searching by keyword, committee or reference number is also possible, and these can be typed into the search bar.

Current proposals are uploaded to the site with as much information as possible regarding the scope, purpose of the standard and any additional information. This should allow the user to be well informed about the proposal and able to send us considered feedback through the comment forms that appear with the proposal information.

In addition, New Proposals allows users to identify areas in their own industry which they believe could benefit from standardization, and suggest those directly to BSI for consideration. In this way, they are able to have direct input into standards that can both improve and shape their industry.