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Below are a number of frequently asked questions to help you use and understand the New Proposals system.  

How do I use the system?

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Searching and commenting on a proposal

How do I search for a proposal?

Proposals can be searched for in a number of ways. You can type a subject, key word or committee reference into the search bar on the New Proposals home page and click enter, or you can click on the different categories that appear on the left-hand side of the home page to see the proposals that have been submitted.

When I search for proposals by typing in a keyword such as 'tents', it lists all proposals with words such as 'contents' in. How can I only search for proposals which are directly relevant? 

You can limit your search by putting your keyword in speech marks, e.g. "tents". This should ensure that only those proposals with an exact match are listed in your results.  

How do I submit comments about new proposals on the new proposal system?

When you click on the title of a new proposal, all of the information regarding the proposal will appear on the screen. This information includes the scope of the standard, the purpose of the standard and any supporting materials available for you to download. As you scroll down, you will see a feedback form which you can fill out and submit by clicking the save button at the end. Please note that all parts of the form need to be filled out for your comments to be successfully submitted to BSI.

Where can I see my comments and what do I do if I want to change them?

When your comments are submitted, they are forwarded directly on to BSI staff who will direct them to the relevant BSI standardization experts to consider. You will not be able to see or alter the comments that you make. However, if you feel that you have other information or comments that you feel should be considered, you can email or write to us through the information on our Contact Us page. 

Will comments that I make on the New Proposals system be visible to other users?

No. Your comments will only be visible to you and the BSI standardization experts who review the proposals. 

Is there a time limit for the submission of comments on new proposals on the New Proposals system? If so, how do I know the date by which they should be submitted? 

The time limit for feedback and comments of new proposals is clearly listed beneath the title of the proposal under 'Comment deadline', along with other information about the proposed standard. If you would like your comments and feedback to be taken into consideration, it is important that we receive them by this deadline.  

We also provide a helpful list of those new proposals that are soon to expire in the right-hand side bar of the home page.

A proposal expired yesterday for comment, but I still want to see it. How can I find it on the New Proposals site? 

Once a proposal has expired for comment, it is removed from the website for consideration by BSI's technical experts. It will not be available to the public from this point.  

Why does the left-hand side navigation bar only list certain subject areas?

Only those subject areas containing new proposals will appear in this bar. This is so that it is easier and quicker for users of the site to identify whether such proposals are likely to be of interest to them at a glance.

Does this site contain proposals for international and European standards?

Yes, proposals for new standards on the website include proposals for British Standards, and selected international and European standards. With regard to international and European standards, the New Proposals system should enable us to gauge feedback from the widest possible audience in the UK. This will help us to make a decision regarding interest in the standard and the level of UK participation if the proposal becomes a new work item.

How do I know if a proposal has been accepted?

BSI announces new work items in Update Standards. To access this free online, type into your web browser. You can also search for the relevant proposal on the Standards Development website to see if it has become a new work item and find out its development status. 

Suggesting an idea for a new proposal

How can I suggest an idea for a new proposal? 

Either [Register] or [Log In] via the links at the top right-hand corner of the page, click on the 'Suggest a New Standard' button on the toolbar located at the top of the page, fill out the online form and click on the 'submit' button at the end. 

What will happen to my suggestion for a new proposal?

Every proposal that we receive online is considered by a panel of experts. If considered suitable, your suggestion could be used as the basis for a formal standardization proposal for a British Standard, international or European standard, or Publicly Available Specification (PAS). If this proposal is accepted as a new work item, it will go on to be developed by a BSI technical committee and become a published standard.  

Please note that not all suggestions become standards or formal standardization proposals. 

Will I be contacted by BSI regarding comments that I have submitted or a suggestion for a proposal that I have put forward?

You could be contacted by BSI if your comments or suggested standard proposal need further clarification. We could also enquire whether you would be interested in having further involvement with the relevant proposal.

By registering on the BSI websites, you are giving BSI permission to contact you about relevant products and services.